Top Things to Do in Gardena

08/2/23  |  Jason Lowery

A celebration of unforgettable experiences and hidden gems.

Gardena, a charming and lively city in Los Angeles County, is the ideal playground for both locals and tourists alike. Known for its vibrant culture and array of recreational activities, it's a place where adventures wait around every corner. In fact, Gardena was given a score of A for outdoor activities by Let's discover the top ten things to do in this enchanting city that showcases Gardena's rich diversity and energy.

1. Game on at Cyber City Esports Center

Embark on a digital journey at the Cyber City Esports Center. This modern-day arcade is the perfect spot for all video game enthusiasts. Here, visitors can compete with each other, level up their gaming skills, and join the local esports community. With state-of-the-art facilities and a multitude of games, this is a one-stop spot for unforgettable digital adventures.

2. A Night under the Stars at Rooftop Cinema Club El Segundo

There's something incredibly magical about watching a film under the starlit sky. At the Rooftop Cinema Club El Segundo, visitors can watch their favorite movies with the beautiful Los Angeles skyline as the backdrop. Grab some popcorn and enjoy an unforgettable movie night experience in this open-air theater.

3. Throw it Right at The Axe District

Ever thought of trying your hand at axe throwing? The Axe District offers everyone this unique experience, regardless of whether you're a beginner or a pro. The center's expert instructors guide you throughout the session, ensuring a safe yet exciting axe-throwing journey. It's a fantastic place to have fun with friends while learning a new skill.

4. Fresh Finds at Torrance Certified Farmers' Market

Experience the lively and colorful atmosphere of the Torrance Certified Farmers' Market. Known for its rich selection of fresh produce, artisanal food, and local handicrafts, it's a great place to meet the community, support local farmers, and shop for unique, organic finds.

5. Ride and Glide at Skate Farm

Calling all skateboarding enthusiasts! Skate Farm is the perfect spot for those looking to practice their kickflips and ollies. This skate park offers a variety of ramps and obstacles to challenge both beginners and seasoned skateboarders. So, grab your skateboard and enjoy a day filled with fun and thrill at the Skate Farm.

6. Speed Thrills at K1 Speed

Get your adrenaline pumping at K1 Speed. This indoor go-karting venue is a favorite amongst speed enthusiasts, providing a thrilling race experience for all ages. Strap on a helmet, step on the pedal, and feel the rush as you zoom around the track.

7. Serene Moments at Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city at Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden. This serene oasis offers a tranquil experience amongst native plants and picturesque landscapes. Visitors can stroll through the garden, take in the peaceful ambiance, and learn about the various plant species native to California.

8. Shop and Watch at The Roadium Drive-in Theater and Open Air Market

For a classic, nostalgic experience, head to The Roadium Drive-in Theater and Open Air Market. This unique spot combines an open-air market with a vintage drive-in theater. Spend the day browsing through a vast array of goods at the market, and as the sun sets, settle in your car to watch a movie, old-school style.

9. Tee Off at Topgolf

Last but not least, make sure to visit Topgolf for a fun, interactive golfing experience. With a modern twist on traditional golf, Topgolf offers a game that's easy to learn and fun to play. Whether you're a pro golfer or a first-timer, everyone can enjoy hitting targets on the outfield from the comfort of climate-controlled hitting bays.

Favorite local parks

  • Guenser Park is an ideal place for picnics and family gatherings, and offers a well-maintained playground, picnic areas, and large, open green spaces perfect for a friendly game of frisbee.
  • Alondra Community Regional Park features a fishing lake, sports facilities, and even a splash pad for those hot summer days. It's a wonderful place to unwind with the family.
  • Thornburg Park is a local favorite for its playground and picnic areas. It's a great spot for a leisurely afternoon.
  • In addition to a playground and picnic areas, Rowley Park offers basketball courts and a baseball field for sports enthusiasts.
  • Polliwog Park boasts a pond filled with ducks, a botanical garden, and an amphitheater that hosts free summer concerts.
  • Columbia Park's sprawling green space, complete with a walking trail and fitness equipment, makes it a great place for outdoor workouts or a peaceful stroll.
  • The cozy Arthur Lee Johnson Park offers a children's playground and picnic areas, perfect for a family day out.
  • Mas Fukai Park features well-maintained basketball courts, a playground, and picnic areas nestled among beautiful trees.
  • Descanso Park is a small neighborhood park ideal for a quiet retreat for a peaceful afternoon walk or a picnic.
  • McMaster Park is a community favorite, featuring a spacious playground, walking trails, and a public library within its grounds.

Favorite local restaurants

  • Specializing in Korean-style fried chicken, CM Chicken offers an assortment of flavorful dishes with unique combinations of sauces and seasonings.

  • Yuk Dae Jang serves delicious Korean comfort food. Their specialty is a hearty, spicy soup that's sure to warm you up.

  • Eatalian cafe and bakery prides itself on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The menu includes house-made pasta, gelato, and a variety of specialty coffees.

  • Eureka! offers a new take on classic American cuisine. The restaurant boasts a selection of craft beers and whiskeys and a menu filled with locally sourced produce.

  • Dive into the flavors of Korea at 88 Pocha. This restaurant specializes in Korean street food and pub-style dishes, with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Kotohira is one of the few restaurants in the U.S. that serves handmade Udon noodles. This traditional Japanese eatery offers a range of delicious dishes in a quaint and relaxed setting.

  • For Thai cuisine lovers, Sweet Rice is a must-visit. They serve authentic Thai dishes, including various gluten-free and vegan options.

  • Dirt Dog offers an LA street food experience with a twist, featuring a menu of bacon-wrapped hot dogs with an array of creative toppings.
  • Spoon House Bakery & Restaurant offers Italian and Japanese fusion cuisine, with a menu that ranges from spaghetti to curry dishes. Be sure to save room for dessert from their bakery.

  • LA Musubi: Specializing in musubi, a popular Hawaiian snack similar to sushi, LA Musubi offers a range of fillings from traditional Spam to unique combinations like bacon and avocado.

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