The Best (And Worst) Day to List a Home

07/5/23  |  Jason Lowery

Discover the best day to list a home to sell quickly and for the maximum dollar.

Are you planning on selling your Los Angeles property? As an inquisitive homeowner, you are likely wondering what strategies you can employ to sell as quickly as possible while getting top dollar on your investment. You can ensure that your home listing will attract as many buyers as possible by listing on the right day. Read on to find out the best day to list a home in Los Angeles and other factors you should consider for a smooth selling experience.

The Los Angeles real estate market

The Los Angeles area is experiencing a seller’s market characterized by rising prices and homes selling fast. The median price for all types of Los Angeles homes is $967,990, with nearly 50% of homes selling at over the asking price. Many properties on the Los Angeles market take about 35 days to sell. Inventory is still low, though more homes are listed on the market with a 13% increase month-to-date.

It is essential to know that the federal interest rate dropping to 6% has encouraged many to consider purchasing a home to forgo the rising rental rates. This has contributed to the increased demand for homes in Los Angeles. If this trajectory continues, the real estate market will experience some changes to favor buyers more.

If you plan on selling your South Los Angeles home, start the process now to get maximum value on your investment. Now, keep reading to find out whether timing matters.

What is the best day to list a home?

The weekend

Many people may assume that the best day to list a home is on the weekend when buyers have more free time. However, Sunday is often the worst day to sell a home. As the weekend winds down, people start thinking less about searching for homes and more about the upcoming week. For this reason, a home that is listed on a Sunday often gets less attention and views.

Saturdays are often not much better. Many people are busy enjoying their weekends. They have already made plans for the weekend, such as running errands and spending time with family and friends. If they search for a home, they likely have already planned to visit open houses.

The beginning of the week

The beginning of the week is often not much better than the weekend. On Mondays and Tuesdays, prospective home buyers are often busy, focusing on work. In addition, Monday is a day that is generally regarded as one of the worst days to list, with homes selling a few thousand dollars less than the asking price.

The end of the week

When the work week winds down, many begin thinking about their home search. For that reason, Wednesdays and Thursdays are regarded as some of the best days to list a home. Listing a house on a Wednesday could add over $2,000 to your asking price compared to homes listed on a Sunday. In addition, listing a home on a Thursday could potentially bring $3,000 over your asking price. This is because there is typically greater urgency as buyers compete with other home buyers, possibly resulting in bidding wars.

While listing your home on a Wednesday or Thursday can help you sell quickly and for well above the asking price, Friday is the most optimal day to list. Basic psychology dictates that people tend to remember the last thing first. When buyers see a property on Friday, they will likely remember it going into the weekend. They may then make immediate plans to visit the property the next day or on Sunday while it is still fresh on their minds. Plus, homes listed on a Friday get more open house visits than those listed on any other day of the week.

The season matters, too

Now that you have discovered the best days to list a home, you need to consider the season. Listing a home in the winter may bring about dramatically different results from listing a home in the spring or summer. The winter is typically considered a slow season as fewer buyers are looking for a home durWintere. Buyers might be busy preparing for the holidays and hold off on any plans to search for a new home. Plus, they might be more inclined to stay home with the changing climate.

Spring is the time for new beginnings, and for a good reason: flowers bloom, and animals emerge from hibernation. People often feel refreshed and hopeful, wanting a fresh start. This may include purchasing a new place to call home. In addition, families looking for homes often want to find a new property before the beginning of the next school year. They may want to get started immediately to have plenty of time to find the perfect home and begin the moving process. By selling your home during the pinnacle of spring in May, you could gain an additional 12% over the asking price.

When should you list your home?

Every home is different. That is why you need to consult an experienced real estate agent who can determine the best timing to list your property so that you can sell as quickly as possible while getting top dollar. A knowledgeable real estate agent will analyze the local market conditions and how similar homes have fared in recent months. After considering a variety of metrics and their expert knowledge of the market, a real estate agent will be able to recommend the most suitable time to sell your property.

Ready to list your South Los Angeles home?

Listing a home requires the assistance of an experienced real estate agent. Contact Jason Lowery and his team of experts at The Lowery Group, who can offer top-notch guidance on everything from market insights to negotiation strategies. Jason and his team can help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar!

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