Home Staging that Looks Like the Magazines

08/17/23  |  Jason Lowery

Attention to detail, cleaning, and decluttering yields impressive results.

Creating a lasting first impression is critical when selling your home. One way to help buyers remember your home is to showcase your property using staging techniques. By ensuring your home presents itself in the best possible light, you will go a long way toward capturing the attention of potential buyers.

Sellers strive to achieve a magazine-worthy look, replicating the beautiful decor found in high-end interior design publications. Below, we will expose a few of the secrets of successful home staging to make your home stand out from the competition and sell quickly for a high profit. We will explore everything from selecting an appropriate color palette to highlighting distinctive architectural features to elevate your home's appeal and ensure a memorable impression on potential buyers.

Begin with a fresh slate

The first step in achieving magazine-like staging is to perform intensive decluttering. Clear out closets, cabinets, pantries, and other storage areas. In the kitchen, clear the countertops of any clutter. One helpful strategy is to make three piles, one for keeping, one for donating or selling, and one for trash. When you declutter your home, it will appear larger and well cared for. As a bonus, the items you remove will mean less to pack up and take to your new home.

Buyers can envision themselves living in your home by performing this critical step. Strive for a minimalist look and a clean canvas, eliminating personal items and removing excess furniture. Your home will shine, and the features you want to highlight will be more readily exposed.

Select a neutral color palette

When flipping through magazine-worthy home staging, you will see one common trend: neutral color palettes. You may wonder why this feature is so common with staged homes. The neutral color palette creates an appealing and timeless backdrop, attractive to various buyers with different tastes. When selecting colors, stick to gray, white, or beige with understated accent colors in the artwork and décor to keep the aesthetic simple and clean.

Focus on distinctive architectural features

When staging Gardena houses for sale, it is essential to highlight the distinctive architectural features that make luxury homes stand out from the competition. Detailed crown molding, exposed brick walls, elaborate fireplaces, and more can work to create a unique focal point in each room. Remember to enhance each room with the right overhead and accent lighting to add a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Furniture placement can also draw the eye to the features you want to highlight.

Establish a layout that is both functional and inviting

If you study high-end interior design magazines, you will notice that each piece of furniture showcases the functionality and flow of the space. Remove all the furnishings in the room to replicate this look and open up the space. Slowly add pieces back to the room. Consider each item and determine if it works with the atmosphere you want to convey.

Consider taking furniture from different rooms and mixing things up. The best piece for a specific layout may often be in a separate space. By arranging furniture to encourage socializing, you will maximize the space and make it more inviting. Be creative with your items. If you do not have the necessary things, consider renting or borrowing pieces to complete the look.

Details matter

Remember to keep the little details in mind when staging your home. The quality of the materials you use matters when looking for houses for sale in Gardena. Look for elegant pillows, linens, and décor items that reflect the luxury and lifestyle you want to convey. Fresh flowers immediately add a touch of elegance to any space. Keep accessories tasteful and simple to ensure potential buyers leave your home with a memorable impression. Remember not to go overboard with décor items – when in doubt, simplicity is best.

Enhance the atmosphere with lighting

One often overlooked detail when placing a home on the market is lighting. Take advantage of all available lighting sources, such as natural light, table lamps, floor lamps, accent lighting, overhead fixtures, pendant lights, and more. Consider adding dimmers to existing light switches to adjust the lighting, showcasing your luxury home at its best. Lighting works wonders to create an ambiance and warmth buyers will adore.

Maintain the outdoors

Sellers sometimes remain so fixed on the interior of their home when preparing it to sell they overlook the importance of curb appeal. Since this is one of the first impressions buyers will receive of your home, take the time to stage this area. Hire a landscaper to tidy flower beds, refresh mulch, plant flowers, and trim shrubs and bushes. Determine if new paint is necessary, and hire a painting company to add a fresh coat.

If the front door needs replacement or repair, arrange for this important task before showing your home to possible buyers. Potted plants, outdoor furniture, and understated décor can transform an outdoor space, ensuring the outside areas reflect the level of detail captured inside. Remember to keep a similar aesthetic indoors and outdoors for a cohesive, thoughtful look and feel.

Hire a professional photographer

Now that you have invested the time, effort, and money into staging your home, hiring a professional photographer to underscore the highlights of your home and specific details you want to emphasize to possible buyers is essential. Enhance your marketing efforts and attract buyers who search for houses for sale in Inglewood online first. Poor photography can cause buyers to bypass your home and look for something else. By using a professional photographer, your luxury home will feature the attention to detail, features, and amenities buyers are looking for in a premier home.

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