7 Ways to Increase The Number of Offers on Your Inglewood Home

10/19/22  |  Jason Lowery

Generating multiple offers can initiate a bidding war and help ensure you get the top price for your home.

Real estate prices in Inglewood have soared with the opening of So-Fi Stadium. This classic California neighborhood continues to attract troves of sports fans and concertgoers during the off-season. Even as the housing market has cooled, Inglewood homes remain in high demand.
As a seller, you’ll want to get the best selling price for your home. A top Inglewood real estate agent will know the accurate value of your property and assess how it can be improved to net the highest selling price. Here are seven ways to increase the number of offers on your Inglewood home.

Always be ready to show

Your home must be ready for “showtime” at any time. You have to be available when prospective buyers want to see your home. Avoid limiting the times when we can show your home. Sellers who insist on showing their homes “by appointment only” will miss out on prospective buyers who may also have busy schedules.
We can show your home even if you’re not there by setting up a lockbox, which will make your home more accessible and easier to show to interested buyers. Some lockboxes can even be programmed for specific times during the day, so you don’t have to worry about after-hours or nighttime intruders.

Spruce up the exterior of your house

First impressions matter. Especially when it comes to selling your home, there are no second chances. Prospective buyers check out the house once and only return if they have a high interest in buying it. According to HGTV, buyers judge your home before walking through the door. Unkempt yards and lawns are off-putting and turn people away before they even step inside.

You don’t have to hire a professional to improve the exterior of your house. Low-cost plants, a few flower pots, and simple landscape maintenance can go a long way toward beautifying the outdoors. Sweeping up dead leaves and cleaning your walkway will immediately increase your home’s curb appeal. They will also help in making potential buyers feel welcome.

Keep your home clean and organized

Make sure your house is clean at all times. It can be a struggle to ensure cleanliness while you’re still living in the home, but it’s worth it in the long run. Get rid of any broken appliances, replace dead light bulbs, and throw out the trash. These will help make your home look newer and more appealing.
Your garage and storage spaces should be organized. Take things out of the closets if they are too full. You want them to look spacious. Clearing out cluttered spaces will help maximize the perceived space of your home. Taking out non-essential items will make your home look bigger and more spacious.

Have a fair selling price

In our experience, correctly pricing your home will impact the number of offers you get. Getting the right price from the start is crucial to selling your home. One of the most common mistakes sellers make is overvaluing their homes because they think they will have more room to negotiate. Unfortunately, they usually get fewer offers. This is why working with a top agent is essential. We have the expertise in estimating the value of your home and getting you the top price. A fair selling price will generate a number of offers and ultimately net the highest value for your property.

Have incredible photos on your listing

The photos you post on your online listing will affect a buyer’s interest in seeing your home. After all, they are the first thing most prospective buyers will see before scheduling a physical showing. Plus, how your home looks is among the most important things buyers consider.
You can hire a professional photographer if you’re not the best at taking pictures. They are knowledgeable about lighting and space and can stage your home to look really beautiful. High-quality photos can go a long way in helping to sell your home faster and for more money. In our experience, it’s worth the expense, as professional photos usually increase the number of offers on your home right away.

Increase exposure and showings

Scheduling multiple showings of your home right away is important. The first two weeks your home is on the market usually generate the most interested and serious buyers. Make sure to schedule back-to-back showings. If a potential buyer sees other buyers interested in your home, they are more likely to put in an offer immediately if they are interested. Also, the more prospective buyers, the more offers you’ll get. To maximize the number of prospective buyers, we can schedule an open house on a specific day or even host an “open house” weekend.

Work with a top agent

An experienced real estate agent can help you garner multiple offers on your home right away. They can access the value of your property and even give you recommendations to increase its value. They will find prospective buyers, increase your home’s exposure, and strategically schedule home showings to your selling advantage.
So if you’d like to increase the number of offers on your Inglewood home, contact us at The Lowery Group right away. We are the leading real estate team in the Inglewood area, with over 20 years of combined experience. We’ll provide you with the highest level of sales expertise and exceptional service.

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